Tao Chi Kai

TAO CHI KAI Holistic Therapist & Ly Chi Gung Instructor

WELL-BEING and MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS is my passion and it is my mission to help change public awareness of this fundamental and important HOLISTIC perspective of health and wellness. I would consider myself to be very understanding, HIGHLY INTUITIVE and aware of modern day living and how it can result in stress and ultimately, emotional, mental and physical breakdowns.

For many of us who lack knowledge or the means to cope and deal with this, it can often mean that we feel isolated and alienated. It is my mission to spear-head this movement for change in awareness and showcasing tangible ways to empower individuals, families and communities to SYNERGISTICALLY work through this together.

I want to wake up every day knowing that I am helping humanity to the best of my abilities in some way and it makes it enjoyable because I love what I do. It is within my ethos and philosophy to acknowledge that health and happiness is fundamental to living a fulfilling life that has no regrets.

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