LY CHI GUNG A Family Tradition Qigong

LY CHI GUNG A Family Tradition Qigong


There is an ocean that beckons me
On the surface, mile high rolling waves
Below, deep and offering many treasures
I dive in then float in meditation,
My vessel drifts without a sail

There is a lake that beckons me
Still on the surface,
Below, deep and holding many secrets
I sit lotus and meditate by it,
My reflection a silhouette in its gaze

There is a mountain that beckons me
So close to heaven yet firmly grounded
Within its core, slumber lay wisdom
I climb to its heights in meditation
The lotus blossoms for heaven

There is a tree that beckons me
Bearer of fruit devoted shelter for all
Within its centre, run the vein to eternal life
I sit lotus beside its bosom in meditation
All of life reveals its self to its self

There is a path that beckons me
Least trodden no track or footprint
Its destination unknown to a way forever happening
I am no longer I but beholding
Beholding kingdoms gone and come

Om ne du fu a om