Om ne du fu a Om – Spell Casting – You are the Mantra.

I once asked my self this question: “who taught the first?” This ponder came after having observed countless times how we all seem to be following the one ahead, sometimes straight to the end off the cliff. I noticed that I was born into a world that had many rules that we follow without knowing the origin and it dawned on me that everybody is winging it. I watched my family, other people repeating mantras and when I asked them from where did they first hear these mantras they would usually say it was taught to them from another. They would then proceed to explain or describe to their best ability what they thought the mantra meant or of its uses, but every time, I could feel that all they were doing was regurgitating.

It is like the spoon tasting the soup.

And so, one day whilst on this journey towards The Middle Way, I stumbled upon it. I was not looking for it but it was recognised and realised instantaneously. There was a real sense of joy a few days later when I was recalling the moment:

This mantra, this treasure, this relic came like thus: I had been sat full lotus for some time, to the point where there was no time or body. Just space. By this point, my observation of what was unfolding had become so clear and calm that I found my self become what I describe as Zero-point, an omnipresence and nothingness. This moment was very brief. Time is relative. In a blink of an eye after my ego/character had let go of “I am”, it quickly grasped on to the reigns and I was immediately centered and wholesome again – back in a state of duality. Prior to this I beheld the self-fulling vortexes of chi come in, and as the stagnation expelled, I watched the inner landscape become inseparable from the outer landscape. At this point, I was viewing everything from the Crown. From a top the mount of Olympus. The Lotus had fully blossomed. Unhampered. Un-tethered. Bliss. Awoken. Then the thundering trumpet sounded. The inner and outer choir was in union. The resonance, the hum, the singing bowl rang in totality. It came out like thus:

“Om ne du fu a Om” – This mantra is unique to me.

Ommmm Neee Doo Fuu *Aaaa….. Ommmm Neee Doo Fuu *Aaaa…..

It is a relaxed, presently aware, un-hammpered and un-tethered in breath than slowly without force an out breath of Om (from the gut) Nee Doo Fuu .. then Aar is an in breath where the sound “Ahhhh” is travelling inward right down to the gut then the cycle starts over again indefinitely. I have observed within myself that every facet of my being is humming, a constant expression of the inner landscape manifesting outward and visa versa. Mandala of Life. You will find that the more you do this your body and mind starts to unify to the point where you can reach Zero-point. This is true for me but not necessarily true for you.

There is only one way. The Tao is personal to you on your own journey. Find the wave within you and ride it.

Now when I say this mantra or behold this relic, it is a reminder and guide through this mortal coil of Samsara and Nirvana. Almost like a compass. Bread crumbs back towards the path towards The Middle Way. I am also very aware my sharing of this can lead to dogmatic practice by others.

A mantra is like a symbol, it can only be self-realised and embodied in totality.

Most adults are unaware of how powerful symbols are and how they can program us. When we say out loud things like “fuck my life” or “I’m such a loser”or statements like “why do bad things always happen to me?” etc. are all mantras too. Spell casting upon one self.

On a macroscopic level for example; if your liver is over-strained you will start to project outwardly this disharmony with emotions of anger and suspicion which thus is projected further outwardly with words and expressions of anger and paranoia — the whole being starts to “act” angry and disgruntled: the jaws clench, the brows frown, the shoulders lift etc. and then this resonance can and will make its way further outwards into the world through interactive action and reaction. Karmic Ocean. This is why we practice to be in a state of mindfulness — the state of being where one is watching ones thoughts and actions instead of drowning in them or unconscious of them while they are happening in the present moment. Like watching clouds in clear skies, allowing thoughts and events to come and go without clinging or attachment. I the sky, clear!

Who taught the first?

So the answer to the question: Who taught the first? No one. They were the first. We are all the first. We can self-prophesies but we can also deconstruct and behold our true nature too. Most of us are still searching externally. We are following the footprints of the elephant we are sat on in search of it . You will not find what is you are looking for externally. The answer is found from the questioner. The Finder finds the Seeker, seeking inside.

I have tasted the soup so please accept my apologies for musing you with the spoon.

The Avatar known as Tao Chi Kai.

Om ne du fu a Om 🙏