The River That Flows In The Direction of Least Resistance

Why do we insist on having a meltdown when things don’t go our way?

We see this way of thinking and perspective often from young children who have discovered the concept of “I” and “Mine”. They wail and sprawl out on the floor or sulk when they don’t get what they want. Some parents give into the child’s LEARNED response of psychological manipulation and thus perpetuates this perspective of control throughout all their interactions in life. The greater the expectation is, the heavier is the fall when expectations are not met. No reason or rationale can break their fixation of this delusion while they are having a meltdown.


We come across this way of thinking and method of dealing with failure/rejection/things beyond anyone’s control, in situations during our every day lives often. Once you become aware of this, either as your self having this mindset or observe it in others, you will see that the very fabric of humanity is built on this foundation. A house of sticks and stones. There is nothing wrong or right with this mindset, but if it causes you or another or both to suffer physical or emotional anguish you must seek to resolve this mindset from within your own perspective. The moment you expect the other to change their minds, you are still in the same mindset.

You are the problem to the solution and you are also the solution to the problem. It is and will always be only you, that you alone, can allow your self to change. Once you have acknowledged and identified this trait, be mindful and choose to “let things go” or “let it be”. Sooner or later, nothing will bother your inner perspective of your self.


The ones sulking, arguing, fighting, maiming or killing themselves or each other are left to their own vices. Walk away, let it go, let it be, let them be. Move on and carry on your own way, in the present moment, and go with the natural law of flow and change. When you walk away, you are walking back but from a different direction. Be like the river that flows in the direction of least resistance and know that all rivers flow to and from the same ocean.

With love straight from the source
The Avatar Known As

Tao Chi Kai
Om ne du fu a Om 🙏