You are the journey and the destination.

Keep pushing forward. One step at a time. One day at a time. Learn every step of the way. Breath in life more gently and deeper with every breath. Let go and set your self free slowly, surely and steadfastly.

Spend more time in nature. Take long walks by your self. Remember that child you use to be. The one that had no care in the world. The child that had no judgements. The innocent child that saw wonder in everything. Allow your creativity to flow. Write down your thoughts. Write poetry. Write songs. Write stories. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Make something for some one. Do some gardening. Plant some flowers. Maybe a tree. Water it. Nurture it. Watch it grow; slowly, surely, steadfastly.

You we are no different. Plant that seed of change within you. Nurture it. Watch it grow. Let it blossom from within you. I know you have a creative mind and that you are very intuitive. Use these gifts. Share them to those willing. You are a droplet of water in the ocean that is you. Embrace this. Empower your self. Know that your life at the moment does not have to be the way it is.
Close your eyes, listen to your hearts desires. Get your self healthy. Take responsibility for the body that you use to experience this life. Let it heal and mend by its self and it will be loyal to you as it has always been. Be compassionate and loving to your body. Your temple. Your sanctuary.

In 500 days you will look back on how you once were and smile. In 1.5 years time you will be at a beach talking to someone who is depressed and you will tell them that every thing is going to be OK and you will tell them what I have been telling you in your own glorious words of positivity and clarity.

You see all these words I utter. They all come from a place that is of truth. The truth hurts because it allows the ego to reflect upon its self. Let this ego go. Allow another one to slowly become a new one. A new ego that is happy. One that wants to experience life without regret or guilt. One that wants to start a family. Or become a member of a family or community. I know family means a lot to you. This is good. Be a good example for family, friends, community.
It seems like a long way away. The mountain seems so hard to climb. One step at a time. One step at a time.

I am not perfect. I am equal to all. All that I can do is to share my experiences so that it may some how inspire others and to remind them we have all been blessed to live this life we all share. Pay It Forward.

With love straight from the source,
The Avatar known as

Tao Chi Kai
Om ne du fu a Om 🙏