Holistic Therapist.
Ly Chi Gung Instructor.
Accredited, Recommended & Insured.
DBS Checked.


I practice privately in my home in De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, London.

You can contact me directly by clicking:located on the bottom right of every page!


Dynamic Holistic Remedial Massage Therapy (DHRMT)
Fully clothed or in underwear is offered. 
Loose soft clothing is recommended.
Rapeseed oil & Tiger Balm can be used.
Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Holistic, Tui Na.
Tui Na is a form of Chinese traditional massage skills developed from the daily practice of Ly Chi Gung Qigong internal martial arts and moving meditation.

Monday to Friday – 11am, 1pm, 3pm.

£70 for up to 70 minutes.
Saturday – 11am, 1pm, 3pm. 
£85 (peak day) for up to 70 minutes.
Tips are welcomed.
*Deposits. See below.
**Travel and Expenses. See below.
Online Guided Dynamic Holistic Therapy (GDHT)
Online Ly Chi Gung Class
Online LIVE streaming Guided Dynamic Holistic Therapy session for all abilities using the Zoom app that can be accessed from smart phone or computer from here.
GDHT along with mental health awareness, uses modern and traditional Dynamic Holistic Therapy to help people help themselves with issues relating to their body and mind. These online sessions can include counselling, guided mindful meditation and practical physiological prescriptions to help the individual in their every day life. 
Ly Chi Gung is a family tradition Qigong practised daily for wellness and well-being and is also known as a form of moving meditation to benefit physical and mental health.
One to One Online Guided Dynamic Holistic Therapy session or Ly Chi Gung Class with The Avatar known as Tao Chi Kai.
Please make contact to arrange a suitable day and time using the “Let’s Talk” icon located on the bottom right of this page.
Monday to Saturday – 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm (London UK time)
GBP20 / USD20 / EUR20 per session lasting up to 60 minutes.
Tips are welcomed.
*Deposits. See below.
Prenatal Couple Massage Workshop
Gentle relaxation, connecting with baby through breath and co-created moving meditation. Ideal for both parents and womb-child to start bonding before baby arrives. Parents will learn how to help one another with holistic massage techniques that they can continue  on after the class on each other and for welcoming baby after delivery.
£100 for couples – 60 minutes.
Tips are welcomed.
*Deposits. See below.
**Travel and Expenses. See below.
Ly Chi Gung Workshop
Muscle & Tendon Changing Classic – The ability to properly maintain suppleness of our body mechanics.
The Eight Brocade – The ability to have full ergonomic freedom of movement.
Mindfulness – The practice that leads to becoming present in the moment.
Meditation – The ability to perceive the present moment without judgement.
£10 each LCG WhatsApp Group Classes.
£40 – 1 on 1 60 minutes.
Negotiable – 10 + people 60 minutes.
*Deposits. See below.
**Travel and Expenses. See below.
Mindfulness & Meditation
Preparation & post preparation.
Breathing, posture & conduct.
Letting go & Mindfulness.
£40 – 1 on 1 60 minutes.
£100 – 3 – 5 people 60 minutes.
Negotiable – 10 + people 60 minutes.
*Deposits. See below.
**Travel and Expenses. See below.
Film, Seminars, TV, Radio, Podcast
Talk & demonstration of the health benefits of practising Ly Chi Gung, a family tradition Qigong for all ages & abilities. The philosophy of maintenance of diligent practice to becoming naturally at ease, present & mindful. The health benefits of diligent practice for healthy & happy well-being for the practitioner, their family & the community. Increased productivity & morale for the individual or business in any industry. Promoting mental health awareness with holistic approach to therapy.
Please email for all enquiries to:


*Deposits A deposit of £22 (£2 Admin Fee) via PayPal or BACS will secure your booking. Remainder of balance to be paid in cash after treatment.  You forfeit your deposit if you fail to show or do not give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. Your deposit will be refunded back to you via PayPal or BACS within the 48 hour cancellation period.

Zoom Online A Meeting ID along with a password for each new online class will be given once confirmation of full payment has been received. Password is not transferable. 


BACS: Tao Chi Kai / Account Number: 00009367 / Sort Code: 608371

**Travel & Expenses Travelling from De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, London, UK. Travelling and transit expenses including loss of earnings to and from is to be paid by the client in the form of Uber service and Extra Costs respectively. Please make sure you have an Uber account for convenience. Negotiable outside London or UK.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions & Private Agreements:
By making a goodwill deposit you agree and accept to all the terms, conditions and solely agree upon herein this recognised Terms & Conditions & Agreements. This is a private practice in a private home. Insurance claims will not be accepted. You will be solely responsible for your taking part in this treatment in mutual goodwill and common decency. A forfeitable goodwill deposit of £22 per booking including £2 Admin Fee is necessary to secure and guarantee bookings. Remainder of balance to be paid in cash, PayPal or BACS after treatment. Tips always welcomed. Goodwill Deposit is forfeit if you fail to attend your appointment in good time. A full refund will be issued if the appointment is cancelled within good decent timing. Acceptance of late arrivals to appointments is discretionary. Please do not come to your appointment if you are ill or have flu like symptoms within 10 days of your appointment date. A face mask must be worn at all times and will be removed only when necessary during the session. Refusal to practice is discretionary. This is strictly Holistic Remedial Massage Therapy. Sexual advancements, harassment or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.